SZII cover sketch 1


A quick collage painting and color study for SZII cover … with a worlds in collision theme, navigating out of the rabbit hole of Babel being built around us… and of course a play on the original theme of the evolution of the eye, or something …

[edit: 02.23.2012,  I have now added two day’s worth of painting and fleshing out details]

ergodic spine of the embryon star


…iiiffing with Marz

  • ergodic spine of the embryon star my human spinal antenna is ready to receive!!! oh yeah! Curiously, this picture reminds me of the most prominent image my 3rd eye ever sees. It’s the EYE archetype, the core plasma archetype, the consciousness condensed as a plasma center that transmits to me high-powered information on subtle … What is behind the visible plasmatic eyeball? Who lurks in the womb of imaginal creation? · It might be soul · the actual possible?  Indeed, true will. I suppose it has been called the causal? Pure being … but even deeper … its other, the pure non being of immortal womb. …  the fractal backbone of the kosmos, the vertebrae … planes of existence, or root matter levels ‎… from bronto the technopossible omega layer … the universe’s plasmatic eyeball  ‎!!!  a potential, and therefore, seed-form … the simple organic cosmic seed of life. An attractor and a life-giver two of the same but different and still one … being becoming, fluidity and spine, the cha in the os, stasis, root units … from flux… a hiddden recognition of both the imaginal womb and the evolutionary emerging….All sorted through the fractal universal spine as the tree of life, or neural backbone for creative realization  …  the true is the realized beauty of the process…It’s when truth transmutes to beauty as naturally as a caterpillar. And that, for sure, must be the good … eternity and infinity feeling connected … sensation of transcendence … resonance … magnetiiffing, you werd soul-brothers surfing concrescence/spirit, soulfully. Ha ha, fantastic Marz.