SZI Gallery

A small sampling from the near hundred illustrations (vision-logic interfaces) in SpinbitZ Volume I

Vision-Logic Coordinate System (VSC) – Core Interface

VCS – Immanent/Transcendent and Transitive Axes

VCS – Omni and Uni Axes

VCS – Origin Identities

Onion Ops

Embryogenesis of Mathematics : Side View of the Onion with Vestigial Transitive Imaginary Line …


Ontic-Epistemic Polarity

Ontic-Epistemic Frontier

Ontic-Epistemic Orthogonal Quadrants

Pyramidal Simplexity

sensory-mnemonic interface (primitives)

mind matter

all-talking mouth

Time Tree

duality chasm

Cogito at the Crossroads

LOMA : Portrait of Paradox

3 thoughts on “SZI Gallery

  1. Thanks! It should be an interesting series of discussions, at the very least! I’ve never lead a group, other than my family, in any similar capacity, so I hope to learn a lot from the experience. So you’ll have to bear with my ineptitude… 🙂

  2. Brother, your material is so compelling that the experience of exploring it with you promises to be epic! I am sure you will be a fine navigator for us.

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