Univocal Dynamics – Vision-Logic Interface


I finally finished version 1 of the visual summary for my forthcoming ontological framework, Univocal Dynamics.  In this you can find my explanation of the values in the ratios of the fundamental forces, as well as an outline for the self-similar cosmological model, the cosmic scaling constant Z, and the meaning of the “ergodic spine.”  This will be unfolded in much greater context and detail in SZII, but I thought it’d be good to get this out here in a general form.

Vertebral Matter-Unit Schematics

The image below is a snapshot from an exploration in progress of some of the dynamics of the root attractor structure for the recursive Being (classical or “pure” dynamics) element—itself a larger attractor, pole of oscillation in the self-similar structuring of the cosmic limit-cycle between flux and stasis, Becoming and Being, and so on.  This would be the general structure of the 10^20 “particle” or “solid” aspect of this scalar (immanent/transcendent) limit-cycle from simplicity (in complexity) to complexity (in simplicity).  In the empirical world, this translates into the e.g. … Planck Units, Atoms, Stars, and Voids (as our perception briefly steps in and out of phase).