Sorce Theory

Sorce Theory: Unlocking the Basement

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Back cover blurb:

Sorce Theory (originated by Gerald Lebau) is a rigorously causal and highly detailed qualitative paradigm of fundamental physics, based on the wave-harmonics and fluid-dynamics of a continuous and compressible subatomic superfluid as the medium for the wave-nature of matter and energy at all observable scales in the cosmos. Far beyond the broken limits of the causal foundations of classical physics, Sorce Theory demonstrates a new “post-quantum” causal underpinning to reinstate understanding into fundamental physics. It does this, however, entirely without limiting or affecting the empirically-derived and extremely useful quantitative infrastructure of modern physics. It offers in return, rather, the illumination and understanding of the mathematics and the experiments–a new perspective with the potential to guide us beyond the current quagmire of mathematical physics and into a truly unified qualitative and quantitative paradigm.

The main benefit Sorce Theory imparts upon those who would venture to install this qualitative OS and take it for a test run, is a visceral and robust sense of organismic unity and self-similar harmony permeating the cosmos. It finally allows one to visualize and make sense of the unification of the forces and the self-similarity of the patterns between the macro- and the micro-cosmic levels. In this way Sorce Theory unifies the core macro-micro schism (e.g. relativity vs. the quantum) infecting all of modern physics and cosmology. It resolves this core-level problem by digging beneath the axiomatic wave-particle paradox and its attendant neuroses of “weirdness,” indeterminacy and acausality–not to mention its schizophrenic “complementarity.” By digging into, and entirely restructuring the qualitative “legacy code” of this cumbersome and clumsy “Standard OS,” Sorce Theory thus finds a new integration and a causal unity for all known physical energy forms and forces.

There is a slight problem with this model as it stands, however. The paradigm is built on a tacit “foundational” ontology, a medieval legacy of reductionism common to virtually all of modern science, with its premature abandonment of mathematical and philosophical rationalism. In “Unlocking the Basement,” this axiomatic foundationalism is reopened to the nondual and integral findings of post-modern and post-foundational ontologies, such as the nondual rationalism of Interface Philosophy. In this interface with Interface Philosophy, the axioms at the “basement level” of Sorce Theory are opened up to new causal explanations of their own underlying and inter-relational structure. These “basic items” are thus found to emerge in a “dependent arising” with one another, rather than as isolated categories and axioms. In this way–through an infinite self-similar recursion found in fractal mathematics and complexity science–we can then begin to understand the mechanisms beneath the “basement level” and thus within every self-similar level of the holarchical cosmos. This then simultaneously opens Sorce Theory to an integration with the newly emerging fractal and plasma cosmological models, offering as well, a spring-board for a simplifying introduction to the core concepts of the model for new readers. In this process a new holarchical and self-similar theory of fluid dynamics and pressure is put forth, finally making sense of the interactions between molar and “quantum fluids,” such as superfluids and the modern notion of the quantum vacuum as a “zero-energy superfluid.”

NOTE: Much of this material will be expanded upon in SpinbitZ Volume II

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